How it All Started!

What makes us unique?

It all started with a spark of inspiration among friends nestled in the scenic River Valley area back in 2013. What began as a simple idea for a BBQ Cook Off Competition has blossomed into a full-fledged extravaganza!

Since then, our event has morphed into a spectacular celebration filled with live music, tantalizing pizza samples, curated beer and wine tastings, and even a heart-pounding bean bag tournament. We've had to make room for more competition teams than we ever imagined possible!

Fast forward to 2023, and we had the pleasure of welcoming over 1,400 people through our gates in a single day. Talk about growth!

But here's the kicker: We're not just about the glitz and glam. Every year, we're privileged to expand our horizons, introducing fresh experiences while staying true to our roots. Why? Because at the heart of it all, our mission remains unchanged: to give back to the community that supports us.